Prana Mudra – How To Do Steps And Its Benefits

Prana Mudra Importance:

The Prana Mudra means “the energy or else spirit of life” in its own self. Amongst all the energies compulsory for maintain the balance of nature, Prana hold a much superior importance. There is no exact time for performing this Asana/Mudra. However, it is eternally optional to perform this Mudra in privacy. Performing this Mudra in a quiet room awaken the senses. Like this simple plus available technique when you need a bit further balance plus easiness.

prana mudra

The Prana Mudra is single of the most vital mudras as it helps to turn on the inactive energy in the body. Take a look at the pran mudras, technique, performing steps, precautions and the prana mudra benefits.

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Prana Mudra Yoga Steps, Meaning  And Benefits:

Let’s discuss about pran mudra steps, meanings and benefits one by one.

Meaning of Prana Mudra:

Prana means ‘energy’ or life. Prana vayu is extremely important vayu. Prana mudra excites the root chakra, that makes vibration plus heat, which awakens and energize the body. The power of life manifolds and stimulates the entire human body. This energizes the body and awakens all the organs. This mudra links to the heart plus soul of the person. It redirects this living to the parts wherever it is most wanted.

Prana hand mudra yoga is another widely practiced mudra for the treatment of diseases.

Instruction Steps For Prana Mudra:

  • It is done with the help of both the hands.
  • Tips of ring plus little finger have to be joined by the lean of thumb.
  • All other fingers must be extended straight.
  • Prana mudra alters the energy in the body, making you fit in conscious breathing by your hand mudra practice.
  • Take profound and regular breath.
  • Breathe in and exhale for same duration.
  • You can sing the mantra sound ‘So-hum’. Chant ‘so’ on inhale and ‘humm’ on exhale.
  • Although at start you will discover it hard to chant plus inhale-exhale simultaneous., with practice you can perfect it.
  • Perform the inhale and breathe out (by sound chanting) for continuous 20-30 times.
  • Now try to focus on your mind.
  • You will sense a sudden vibration in your body, a likely situation where your body feels like floating.
  • All of a sudden, you will feel some immediate result of prana mudra. You will be invigorated and besieged.

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Duration for Prana Mudra:

30 to 45 minutes of normal practice is sufficient to obtain the perfect result.

Prana Mudra Technique:

  • It works on the base of successful breathing. The successful breathing related to this Mudra helps in the camp of attentiveness. The performers classically experience divine peace and help in broadening their mind.
  • The performance of this has instilled native beliefs in the people. This Mudra done in several poses: Vajrasana, Padmasana, & Siddhasana yoga.

Benefits of Prana Mudra:

  1. This mudra assist eliminates any kind of A, B, C, D, E, K vitamin deficiencies. This hand mudra can assist control hunger plus thirst throughout fasting.
  2. This improves the regulatory power of the mind. This might help in tackling the unregulated habits, for example eating plus sleeping disorders.
  3. It decreases nervousness, thereby improving self-confidence.
  4. Any obstruction of veins can be detached by the normal practice of this life mudra since it controls a suitable flow of blood.
  5. Prana mudra assists to fight against chronic fatigue, general weakness plus low patience.
    It helps to manage emotions for example anger, mental tension, envy, tetchiness, pride, restlessness plus revive happiness, delight, enjoyment, wish, energy & enthusiasm.
  6. Attention and presence of mind can be greatly improved with this mudra that will help you perform better.
  7. It also has the power to enhance your immune system
  8. Prana mudra profit eyes too. It recovers vision and treat eye irritation like burning red dry eyes, cataract.
  9. In this mudra, earth, the water, plus fire elements are attached, so this helps remove the obstacles and impurities present in the blood, ensuing in enhanced blood movement.
    Any kind of cramps in muscles and pain in the legs cured by this illness.

Prana Mudra for Eye:

Prana yoga mudra is extremely useful for eye related problems. Those having low vision must forever carry out Prana mudra for at every rate 15 to 30 minutes. It is extremely helpful for any kind of eye related issues. It helps in decreasing the power of eyesight, specially when you wear specs.

Prana Mudra for Healing:

Prana Mudra gesture is one of the important healing methods, that can be utilized to boost one’s Prana Shakti (energy) level, in addition to recovering the circulation of Prana Shakti in the body. Try to perform this mudra every time you run low on energy. It boosts your energy and makes you lighter.

Continuous practice of the mudras will bring about minute change in your body on the pulse centres of your hands that trigger sure healing processes inside the parallel body part.

  • General debility, Hyperthyroidism, Jealousness
  • Chronic fatigue, Pride, Impatience
  • Intolerance of heat, Usual sense of time urgency
  • Irritability, Mental tension, Acidity
  • Jaundice. Leprosy, Dry, red, hot, aging, skin; skin-rashes
  • High blood pressure, Burning in the mouth, throat, stomach
  • Aphthous ulcers, Bloody stools, Instability of joints

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Prana Mudra Yoga:

pran-mudra Yoga 1

This yoga mudra pose should be accompanied along with padmasana. This is called the mudra of life as it improves our vital life force and empowers our life from the inside out.

Prana mudra restores our energy reserves. Prana Mudra when combined with Vayu mudra helps to reduce muscular aches and sprains. The mudra can be performed while walking or sitting. Just plug in the finger-thumb combination and battery starts charging. Make sure you do it for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Prana Mudra Precaution:

Skip this if you are suffering from cough and cold.

Remember to first learn how to do Prana Mudra. With time and practice you will actually witness the benefits of prana mudra along with the associated changes it will bring to your body. Yoga and mudra form of exercises, typically take time to instill changes. Until then, keep practicing them daily.