Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

Getting the hang of do-it-yourself nail art is easier than you think if you have the right tools for nail designs. Check out this list of absolutely essential DIY nail design tools and get cracking.

1. Nail dotters

Nail dotters are nail design tools used to create dot and circle patterns. They’re perfect for polka dot designs. They come in several sizes, but it’s best to start out with one that has a medium-sized nib at one end and a smaller one at the other, which allows you to switch sizes.

You can find them at beauty supply stores. You can also make your own nail dotter out of bobby pins, bending them straight and using the round tips as dotters. Remember to clean and dry them thoroughly after use, to prevent rusting.

Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

2. Nail stripers

Very important nail design tools, nail stripers are nail polishes that come with a long and thin brush, which you can use for painting lines or adding the odd flick of color. It’s a good idea to get two colors when you start.

You can also get the nail striper brush on its own, but not all brushes work with nail polish. It’s safer to use water-based nail paint when first breaking out a brush. When using nail polish, make sure to clean your brush using acetone, soap water and a paper towel.

3. Scotch tape

A very practical addition to the list of nail designing tools, Scotch tape helps create straight lines and geometric shapes. All you have to do is cut the tape into a thin strip or whatever shape you wish, paste it onto the nail and paint over it.

4. Nail art brushes

Nail art brushes are the absolutely must-have nail art design tools. A set of nail art brushes contains five main types: fan-shaped brushes, flat brushes, flat angled brushes, thin brushes (used for detail) and long stripers. The most practical and affordable option is to buy the full set. Alternatively, it may be more convenient to use a regular paintbrush as you’re starting out, until you get the hang of it.

Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

5. Nail polish

OK, technically, not proper nail design tools, but, for flawless nail art designs, you’ll need quality nail polish, a base coat (to prevent discoloration) and a top coat (for a smooth, glossy finish). A quick-drying top coat works best when you’re pressed for time, but a clear polish might be the better alternative when working on more complex nail art designs. Make sure you get a quality nail polish brand, as they tend to last longer and do not get lumpy.

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