Get Eva Mendes’ Updo Hairstyle

Get Eva Mendes’ Updo Hairstyle

Eva Mendes is an American actress well known for her talent and beauty. She was voted among the first most desirable women. She is a very beautiful and stylish woman, worthy of admiration.

At the 66 Annual Golden Globe Awards, Eva Mendes appeared in a beautiful white Dior gown and a great hair do. Her hairstyle contributed to her glamorous and elegant look making her attract a lot of attention.

Her beautiful long tresses were styled in a messy updo hairstyle with bangs. Her gorgeous dark chocolate hair matched her amazing skin tone perfectly, enhancing her facial features. The updo hairstyle attracts attention towards the facial features, brightening it up.

Her hairstyle had a certain vintage feel to it, taking you back to Sophia Loren’s elegance and style.

Get Eva Mendes’ Updo Hairstyle Get Eva Mendes’ Updo Hairstyle

In order to recreate this beautiful hairstyle the hair needs to be at least medium length. The hair needs to be freshly washed and conditioned well. Apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and blow dry hair straight using a round brush.

Pull the hair back like you would do for a ponytail and create a French Roll by rolling the hair towards the scalp. Leave the hair to pass a little bit over your ears so do not pull the hair too tight. Pin the roll in several places so it won’t get unrolled. Using the tail of a rat tail comb lift the hair on the top of your French roll in order to get more volume. Style your bangs side swept and set the hair using a touch of hairspray.

Do not pull your hair too close to the scalp so your hair looks a little bit loose and messy. Apply some shine spray to make your beautiful updo hairstyle look lustrous.

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